Florida Center for Brain and Mind - Evaluation, Rehabilitation, Treatment
Comprehensive Assessment
Through our comprehensive assessment services, we strive to meet your individual needs and work with you on appropriate follow-up or treatment.  We can help you and your family understand your condition better, configure a treatment plan, and increase your overall quality of  brain/mind health, through  neuropsychologicalevaluation.
Our specialties include:
- Neurodegenerative processes (e.g. dementias and mild cognitive impairment)
- Acquired brain injuries (e.g. traumatic brain injury and postconcussional syndrome
- Cerebrovascular disease
- Movement disorders (e.g. Parkinson's disease and Tourettes disorder)
- Brain tumors
- Neurologic and genetic diseases affecting the central nervous system
- Systematic diseases affecting the brain
- Problems with attention and executive functions (e.g. ADHD)
- Autism spectrum disorders
- Neuropsychiatric disorders
- Developmental and school readiness
- Academic difficulties affecting school performance