Florida Center for Brain and Mind - Evaluation, Rehabilitation, Treatment
Welcome to  Florida Center for Brain and Mind, a  state-of-the-art, hospital-affiliated  center for brain and mind care. Our mission is to assess and treat individuals with  a complex mix of  neurological, psychiatric and learning disorders.

A variety of conditions may impact brain functioning, including neurological syndromes, neuropsychiatric diseases as well as systematic diseases, which can be acquired, developmental, or genetic.  At Florida Center for Brain and Mind, we specialize in assessing and intervening with these disorders. We work with you  to provide insight and understanding through neuropsychological assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, mental health counseling and guidance. 

We bring you neurocognitive interventions that are the outgrowth of reliable neuroscientific evidence. The neurocognitive program we implement has solid and rigorous scientific research  behind it, with a high chance of improving your working memory and attention in everyday life. Besides our commitment to excellent clinical care, we are devoted to advancing neuropsychiatric care through our own clinical research 
To learn more about how Florida Center for Brain and Mind is changing brain & mind care, while advancing behavioral neuroscience, please take a look at our outpatient treatment programs and services: